About Us

We are a team of experienced artists with 15+ years in the VFX industry who worked on oscar-winning movies like Life of Pi, Golden Compass. Our team delivers an excellent output and our specialty is in Camera tracking, Object tracking, and Body RA.

Our team includes the best Lead, Artist and Sups are who worked on famous movies. Our Mission is become one-stop for tracking and vfx related work.

Why Trackmation?

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Trackmation is very well aware that the VFX industry needs edge-to-edge encryption with clients. We don’t disclose our projects to anyone until it is released. Even Artist working on the project is well aware of this clause. All our employees in trackmation have signed NDA, So your data is saved with us.



Trackmation’s utmost priority is Quality. We never compromise with the quality. Our Objective is we provide the best quality in the industry at affordable rates.

VFX Expertise

Our team has proven ability in doing set data collection and set supervision with the complete knowledge of pre and post-production. Our whole team has basic knowledge of visualization, creative concept, animation, and composition.

Client Requirement

Dexterous in analyzing client’s requirements & providing innovative ideas for faster and quality work.